Hello everyone, our today’s topic is who is a manager and function of management. Today we will give you a brief idea about the management function and later in our next post we will explain every function of management. Previously we discussed what is management? History, meaning, definition and characteristics of management.

Who is a manager?

You may think a manager is a person who manage or a manager is
who is a manager
a person who tells what to do and how to do it. If you think that then you are not really wrong, but this is the old sense. This is how we used to define managers. And in the old sense, we could easily differentiate a manager from the non-managerial employees of an organization. But changing nature work has made it difficult to differentiate a manager from non-managerial employees. Now a day’s an organization managerial responsibility being shared by manager and team members. So how do we define managers today? Well, a manager is someone who coordinates and oversees the work of others so that organization can achieve its goals. A manager job is to help others performing their work, it can be a single person or a department. Managers also perform other work besides coordinating and overseeing others work such as an insurance claims supervisor might process claims along with coordinating. There is a classification of managers according to their work such as top level managers, middle level managers, and first line managers. We will discuss these classifications later sometime.

Where do managers work?

Obviously managers work in an organization. But what is an organization? An organization is a place where a group of organized people works to accomplish some specific purpose. For example, your college, university, government departments, facebook, your neighborhood grocery store etc. are the organization. Every organization needs some deliberate structure to get the work done, and the manager does the overseeing or coordinating of that work.

What do managers do?

Well frankly speaking management is what a manager does but does this simple statement tell us everything about a manager work? To understand what exactly a manager do we need to know what management is. Management is a process which involves coordinating and overseeing the work of others and identifying if the work is completed efficiently and effectively. This definition points out that the manager ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of a work. Efficiency refers to getting maximum output from a minimum input and effectiveness refers to dong right work which will help the organization reach its goal. To know more detail about manager’s work, we need to look at three approaches that have been developed by management researchers such as function, roles, and skills. Today we will briefly discuss the management function.

Management Function

According to the function approach, a manager performs certain types of activities to coordinate the work of others efficiently and effectively. Henry Fayol, a French business first proposed the five functions that a manager perform: planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling. Today, these five functions have been summarized to four: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Now we will briefly discuss these four functions.
what is management function

If you want to go in a particular place then you need to find the best way to get there. Just like this an organization exists for some purpose and someone need to identify this purpose. And the manager is our that someone, who sets goal for the organization, develop strategies to achieve that goal. These activities are called planning.

Manager of an organization arranges and structures the work which is essential to achieve the goal. This activity of a manager is called organizing. The manager determines what need to be done, who will do them, how they will do it, who will report to whom, what decision need to be taken.

A manager performs the leading function. Leading function includes influencing the subordinates, resolving work group conflicts, influencing individual or group as they work etc.

And the final function that a manager perform is controlling. After planning, organizing, and leading there is some evaluation that need to be done to identify if things are going as planned or not. To ensure work is going as planned manager must monitor, evaluate and compare actual performance with the set of goals. If things are not going as planned it's manager job to bring them on track. This process of monitoring, evaluating, comparing, and correcting is called controlling function.
Who is a manager? Function of management
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