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A business organization is formed by a group of people with a view to earn profit. Different types of activities are performed by the people of an organization to earn the profit. These activities need an effective and systematic communication. Today we will discuss the importance of effective communication skills inside and outside the workplace.

Importance of effective communication skills in the workplace (Internal communication)

An organization’s success depends on its internal environment. And, the internal environment largely relies on the effective communication skills of the employees. The importance of effective communication skills in the workplace mentioned below:
  • Setting goals and objectives: An organization operation is guided by its goals and objectives. A top level manager sets goals for the organization and sets some objectives to it achieve its goals. This objective may be the financial results, product quality, market dominance, employee satisfaction etc. An organization can’t achieve these objectives without an effective communication. For example, let’s say top level managers of an organization effectively communicated the goals and objective to the middle-level manager, but the middle-level manager could not communicate these goals and objectives to his subordinates which will result organization won’t be able to achieve its goals and objectives. So we can say that effective communication is needed for setting and achieving organizational goals and objectives.
  • Making and implementing decision: In order to achieve the organizational goals and objective, employees of an organization collect facts and evaluate alternatives. The employees of the organization do so by talking, asking questions or just thinking. Once managers of the organization make a decision, it’s time to implement the decision which requires effective communication, for example, explaining the roles everyone need to play.
  • Appraisal: Once a decision has been implemented by the managers then management of the organization needs to determine whether the desired outcome has been achieved or not. Statistics on factors like cost, sales volume, inventory level etc. helps managers decide that. And again this is done by communicating through computers, reports, memos etc.
  • Manufacturing the products: An organization’s success depends on customer interest and their willingness and ability to buy the product. Customers get bored using the sane product all the times. So companies are in a competition to innovate and differentiate their product. Getting an idea of a new product, pushing it to the production process and finally producing product - all these steps requires effective communication. For example. Purchasing raw materials from suppliers, planning effective marketing strategies etc.
  • Interaction between employer and employees: Employees of an organization are the persons who actually brings the organizational goal into the reality. Employer develops plans, makes decisions and communicate these plans and decision to the employees. So, effective communication plays a vital role in the interaction of employer and employees.

Importance of effective communication outside the workplace (External communication) 

Not just internal, effective communication is needed outside the workplace. Importance of effective communication skills outside the workplace is mentioned below
  • Hiring the employees: The characteristics of human resource such as communicational skills, qualities, commitment, attitude etc. can contribute to the strength or weakness of an organization. So, to hire someone who will contribute to the strength of the organization requires effective communication. For example, advertising vacancy, receiving application, call the candidates, take interview and offering the job—this whole process needs communication.
  • Dealing with the customers: An organization basically exists for the customers and all its activities are customer focused. The sales letter, advertisement, personal sales calls etc. are used to attract customer interest. Communication plays vital roles dealing with the customer such as handling customer complaints, answering all the question asked by the customer, providing billing information etc.
  • Dealing with the suppliers: Suppliers are essential for any kind of organization as they provide raw materials on a regular basis. Maintaining a good relationship with suppliers can result get high profitability level, appropriate raw material quality, fairness etc. These advantages can increase the competitiveness of an organization. And of course, you can’t maintain a good relationship with the suppliers without communicating effectively.
  • Informing the investors: Investors are always keen to know how the business operating, did they invest in the right place etc. Balance sheet, income statement, ratio analysis etc. are used to communicate how well the business is performing to the investors.
  • Interacting with the Government: Government of a country imposes different types of rules to regulate the economy. These rules are communicated to the organization by various papers and organization try to fulfill these rules by filling the taxation and other documents.
Importance of effective communication skills inside and outside the workplace
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