Here you will find definition of every terms that is related with business!!

What is business terms?

Business terms: The terms which are used or related to business is called business terms.

What is business?

Business: The legal exchange of goods and services to earn mutual benefit is called business.

What is money?

Money: The universally accepted medium of exchange is called money.

What is barter?

Barter: Barter is a process where people exchange goods and services without using money.

What is exchange?

Exchange: Exchange is a process in which two or more parties provide something of similar value to one another to satisfy each other needs.

What is enterprise?

Enterprise: Enterprise is an organization which is involved in exchanging goods and services to earn profit.

What is goods?

Goods: Goods are something that anyone can use or consume. For example: foods, books etc.

What is services?

Services: Services are something that someone does for you. For example: doctors, mechanics etc.

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